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PSO TRANSFORMER OIL BS-148 For Electrical Transformer, Oil Merged Switchgears, Circuit Breaker, Oil Filled Capacitors and Tap Chargers (210 Litre)

PSO Neat Metal Cutting Oil is a light-color, low-odor and high-sulfur content lubricant that provides outstanding extreme pressure properties. PSO Neat Metal Cutting Oil is synergistic with other extreme pressure chemistries including chlorinated paraffins and alphaolefins, overbased sulfonates and synthetic esters provide outstanding performance on difficult-to-machine metals. Combination additive system of PSO Neat Metal Cutting Oil provides corrosion protection with extended service life of the cutting tool.
IEC/BS 60296-2012 / 148/72
Pour Point, °C ISO 3016 -30 Max
Kinematic Viscosity @ 40°C, cSt 100°C  cSt  (ASTM D445) 31.8/5.4