No activity shall be carried out unless considered safe.
HSSE is of equal importance as other business activities.
Safeguard the health and safety of all employees, contractors and third
parties are integrating.
Strive to minimize the impact of activities on the environment.
Maintain good relationship with host communities and all stakeholders.
Strive to enhance security of life and equipment.
We believe that every job could be done safely.
AMAC believes that good HSSE performance is an integral part of efficient
and profitable business management. We will therefore be guided by the
following principles:

In the implementation of this policy AMAC will observe the following:

  • All staff will undergo induction training on their first day of work. This will be enhanced and reinforced through daily toolbox meetings.
  • All technical personnel on the project shall be certified to possess appropriate professional competence.
  • All key operations shall be subjected to hazard analysis and appropriate controls shall be implemented during execution.
  • Plans and procedures shall be in place to respond to any emergency or loss of control.
  • Scheduled Audits, inspections, drills for emergency preparedness and other programs as a continuous machinery for identifying hazards, unsafe acts and conditions at the workplace shall be carried out.
  • Rewards and sanctions scheme will be introduced to ensure compliance with safety and health rules, regulations and safe work practices.

In addition to the HSSE management policy statement, the following related policies have been put into place

  • Drug and Alcohol Policy
  • Community Relations Policy
  • Health Policy
  • Security Policy
  • Environmental Policy

The Company’s HSSE culture is based on:

  • Setting clear objectives and targets for HSSE and reviewing performance at regular intervals.
  • Belief in company’s ability to continually improve HSSE performance
  • Unconditional acceptance by all staff of compliance with HSSE policy and its implementation principles as prerequisite for employment

The demonstration of AMAC management commitment to HSSE include amongst others:

  • playing a direct role in implementing the HSSE plan
  • setting a personal example in day–to–day work
  • putting HSSE matters high on the agenda of business meetings, from management level downwards
  • communicating the importance of HSSE considerations in business decisions
  • recognizing good performance when objectives are achieved
  • encouraging employees’ suggestions for measures to improve HSSE performance including HSSE planning and review in the company’s business planning cycle and meeting structure
  • attendance and chairing of HSSE meetings
  • maintaining an open approach to external liaison with authorities and the general public
  • conducting HSSE audits or inspections personally
  • communicating with subcontractors on HSSE matters
  • setting specific HSSE tasks and targets for individuals