AMAC is in Petroleum Business since 2007

We are one of the pioneers of the fueling industry

We are providing services to some of world’s reputable organizations.
We are a General Order Supplier Company. Specialized and engaged in petroleum related products and services, which includes sales, distribution and marketing of Fuels, Lubricants and Additives.
Our scope of work also covers fabrication of fuel storage tanks, petrol pump facility installation.
We are also focused in construction industry since 2018, and managed to construct several residential projects in Karachi.
We are continuously expanding our physical and marketing resources to meet the requirements of the consumers.
We work for Construction Companies, hospitals, hotels, financial Institutes, telecommunication, & related Industries, the Forces in the Country on general and special project, wherever extreme performance is demanded.
Dignity Of An Institution Can Be Judged By Its Values


It’s The Dedication Behind The Idea

We are here:
to maintain the quality of life and standard of things we deal in,
to enhance customers’ satisfaction and our performance,
to be one of the best in the business we are in,
so we walk side by side with the performers.

To achieve the above:
we want to set such a high standard of dedication with our work
to take our country on the way of prosperity

We introduces customized refueling systems and used ATEX pump

When safe handling and storage of fuel was almost impossible because of lack of knowledge and expertise.

We taught industries to save money on fuels

We provided tailored refueling solution, when no one knows how to handle fuel bills