AMAC has its own lorries which support its logistics and makes easy to transport products to the customers, anywhere and anytime, without compromising time and standard. It allows to maintain the quality and quantity of expansive products. Our standardised and save practices also protects products from contamination.

Our tank lorries are equipped with fuel transfer pumps, as well as we follow industries best safety practice to protect life and natural environment.

We are one of the companies who is equipped with the smart tools and machines, our lorries can supply up to 24000 liters at once at any site and able to supply diesel fuel (100 feets above from the ground level, which is quite enough to supply a 7 to 10 storey’s building. The Calibrated Flow Meters are installed in the Mobile Diesel Units. This facility keeps the sites clean and environment friendly.

Now no more headaches to hang up with dirty cans, drums or hand pumps to transfer the product into
storage tanks, AMAC is using CAP Technology in Pakistan.
By adopting CAP technology, we ensure: no spillage, no lose in product, saves every drop of fuel, no extra care for housekeeping, environment friendly site

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