Safe & Efficient Fuel Decanting

Our customized Lorries are equipped with the smart tools and fuel dispensing systems, which help in saving fuel, protect environment from fuel spills and ease in delivering large quantities to the places where men can’t reach easily.

Head of Fuel Pumping Units

Our Lorries can pump diesel approximate 100 Feet’s above from the ground level, which is quite enough to supply 7 to 10 stories of a building. Installed flow meters are calibrated, therefore can dispense quantities smaller than 2000 liters to larger than 48000 liters at once.

Automatic Dispensing Nozzles Gun with CAP System

All Lorries equipped with automatic fuel dispensing nozzle guns and hoses with standardized safety valves and couplings. Automatic nozzles cut the supply of fuel when the fuel oil vessels or containers are filled. This facility keeps the sites clean and environment friendly.

Now no more headaches to hang up with dirty cans, drums or hand pumps to transfer the product into storage tanks. WE are using CAP Technology, through this we ensure: no spillage, no lose in product, saves every drop of fuel, protection of environment

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